Edwards' Analytical: the first lab in the UK with the Spectrum 3 FT-IR!

Edwards' Analytical: the first lab in the UK with the Spectrum 3 FT-IR!

It is here!


Edwards Analytical are very excited to announce the purchase of the Perkin Elmer FT-IR imaging system comprising Spectrum 3 MIR spectrometer, Spotlight Imager, stage controller, Spotlight and Spectrum Software.


Features and Benefits:

Spectrum 3 MIR spectrometer:

  • The patented DynaScan interferometer with long life diode laser
  • Rapid scan spectrometer: collects up to 80 scans sec-1 when used with Spotlight Imager
  • Sealed and desiccated optics: protects moisture-sensitive components and reduce the effect of change of atmospheric absorption
  • Sample compartment: full size sample compartment with quick release cover and service access
  • Network operation: TCP/IP interface allows connection to a PC and/or Local Area Network
  • Plug-in accessory capability: allows accessory recognition by serial number and automatic accessory optimization
  • Automatic Precision Validator (APV): built-in validation standards for abscissa accuracy and ordinate repeatability for automatic validation
  • Atmospheric absorption suppression: an automatic routine for removing the effects of atmospheric water and carbon dioxide from sample spectra
  • Absolute Virtual Instrument (AVI): production of standard data referenced to fundamental band positions
  • Room temperature detector
  • Frequency range: 8,300-350 cm-1 using a Ge-coated KBr beam splitter
  • Resolution: better than 0.5 cm-1
  • Better than 50,000:1 RMS signal-to-noise (4 cm-1 spectral resolution,
  • 5 seconds, transmission measurement), better than 174,000:1 RMS (1 minute, 4 cm-1 spectral resolution, transmission measurement)
  • Integral Smart panel display shows the status of the instrument and allows sample scan at-instrument operation
  • Fully upgradeable to fast scanning capability for kinetics-based and synchronised experiments allowing up to ca 100 scans/second

Spotlight Microscope System:

  • Operating modes: Transmission, Reflectance mode with the single point detector. Single point operation: DTGS detector
  • Included automated apertures, focus, stage control, throughput correction, mode of operation and visible/IR switchover
  • Switching between Visible and IR is achieved with zero mechanical movement
  • Single point frequency range: 8300-600 cm-1
  • Resolution: better than 0.5 cm-1
  • Single point sensitivity: typically better than 40000/1 for 2 min measurement at 4 cm-1 spectral resolution with Beer-Norton apodization
  • Visible Illumination: Solid-state white light illumination provides more even and accurate colour, better brightness and longer life. Builtin
  • polarizer (requires analyser)
  • Applications Software - Spectrum Spotlight software
  • Provides automated control of the complete system from a single application to include visible image survey and determination of IR image area or point(s); collection of total absorbance IR image or IR spectral map, spectral manipulation, image manipulation, data extraction and reporting
  • Spectrum 10 software for macro-FT-IR operation and data management
  • Accessories kit Comprises micro sampling kit, Gold mirror assembly, sample holder (3X 13 mm), rotatable cell holder, box of slides (72) and KBr windows (2)

Frontier UATR Diamond/Zn Se with 1 Reflection Top-Plate and Pressure Arm The universal ATR is an excellent general accessory for the analysis of solids and liquids. The UATR produces high quality spectra through the use of a pressure arm allowing good contact of the sample with the diamond crystal. The pressure arm force indicator ensures first-class sample-to-sample and operator-to-operator reproducibility.

Features of the UATR include:

  • Automatic recognition - as soon as the accessory is placed in the sample compartment the Universal ATR module is recognized along with its serial number, type of ATR crystal (1, 3 or 9 Reflection), and system suitability checks can be carried out.
  • Automatic optimization - the optics are automatically optimized for the different top-plate options.
  • Zero alignment, zero set-up - once locked into the Frontier sample compartment, the accessory is ready to be used without any alignment necessary.
  • Integrated - the plug-in module design means the accessory becomes an integral part of the instrument once installed.
  • Pressure arm with pressure sensor supplied as standard. Also supplied with Volatiles cover (9 reflection UATR only).




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Edwards' Analytical: the first lab in the UK with the Spectrum 3 FT-IR!
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